Letter From the Editors


Welcome to the NU Middle East Review! We are a student-run publication dedicated to discussing news in the Middle East. The Review will publish analysis and commentary of current events in this volatile region. As college students, we can also provide an inside perspective of relevant on-campus activism.

Too often, debates about the Middle East become charged and polarizing. Heated arguments rehash old wounds and nurse old grievances. Such rhetoric often proves divisive and unproductive. The NU Middle East Review will offer balanced, nuanced sources of information. We seek to promote constructive dialogue about important issues. Of course, our readers, writers, and editorial board will never see eye-to-eye on everything. Yet by offering fair information, we hope to facilitate cool-headed discussion.

Again, thank you for reading the NU Middle East Review. Feel free to share your thoughts through email, Facebook, Twitter, or by commenting within the website. We hope you will join us as we explore one of the world’s most fascinating regions.


Kind Regards,


The Editors

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