Editorial: Attack on Istanbul

Turkish Flags at Half Mast at Airport

Photo courtesy of ABC Australia.

On Tuesday evening, Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport was hit by coordinated suicide bombing attacks, thought to have been perpetrated by ISIS-affiliated terrorists. The attacks destroyed large parts of the terminal and killed at least 41 people, while injuring dozens more.

The terror campaign that started last year with the bombing of Kurdish youth in Suruc has evolved into many more attacks since, sending blood and, worse yet, fear coursing through Turkey’s largest cities. Tuesday’s attack was one of the most devastating in the last year, not by the sheer number of victims, but because of the sentiments embodied by the Turkish people in the aftermath.

This bombing is the latest in an ongoing series of attacks that have scarred the Turkish people across the country and around the world. The people of Turkey know that neither days of mourning, nor memorials for the lives lost will bring back the victims of terror in the past year. They are angry at the offices and the institutions that have enabled this violence. The country has been dragged through a war in pursuit of the personal gains of a select few, and for their sake, innocent Turks are paying the price.

NUMER stands against the latest instance of ISIS violence, and stands together with the people of Turkey in their difficult days. We hope to see a peaceful resolution in the near future.

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