Our Mission

The NU Middle East Review’s mission is to facilitate and analyze discussion concerning the Middle East on Northwestern’s campus in order to educate the community on current events in the region. The online publication serves to provide a forum for analysis and dialogue of the rapidly changing dynamics in the Middle East and their implications for U.S. foreign policy and for students on college campuses. As a student publication, we seek to give students an opportunity to develop their writing skills while also contributing to greater campus dialogue on the relevant issues we cover.

Editorial Board


Yoni Pinto

Managing Editor 

Tomer Cherki

Deputy Editor

Ibrahim Al-Kawaz

VP of Advertising

Alara Ozsan

VP of Events

Zain Syedain

Questions? Comments? Want to join the team? Please feel free to email us at numiddleeastreview@gmail.com. We would love the feedback!

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